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It all starts with a question.

Choosing the best label printer for your small business all begins with asking the right questions. What are your business needs? Are we incorporating images and do they require color? How about barcodes, QR codes or industry specific characters?

All of these questions and more are important; and just perhaps you are starting to think of some yourself, which is great! It will show as an invaluable tool in finding the label maker or printer for your specific needs. The more questions you ask and answer, the easier it becomes to find your perfect match.

Here at Label My World, we have compiled a list of our favorite models that could be considered the best label printers on the market. Our list will grow over time as we get hand on more models to test. For now, see below for our top picks for the best label printer for small business for 2021.

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Things to consider.


When anything printing is concerned, quality is a must. The intent on a label is to be viewed so first and formost we need to consider printing quality; and generally higher quality equals higher cost.


Brilliant colors can make you stand out from the crowd.. embrace it!

If you intend to go down the rainbow road then you will need to consider the cost of ink and labels can be a little higher but can be justified by the end results as proven by the Primera LX500 featured in our showcase.

Just remember that color isn’t a necessity. If you only intend to print bar codes then save yourself some time and money and look at a thermal label printer like the Rollo we have presented today.


Speed albiet, typically comes at cost of quality greatness, would be a major consideration if you expect high traffic flow. Whether it’s alot of stock needing labels to multiple users all sharing the one printer, you’ll need something that can handle it like the Dymo 450 Turbo. I mean.. it does have turbo in the name.


Best Color Label Printer

Primera LX500 Color Label Printer

‘The showoff’

The LX500 Color Label Printer is a fantastic option for those businesses who desire appealing flare on their labels. Printing at photo quality levels  with a full color palette, Primera have produced a printer that offers spectacular quality which can be a great asset for those businesses that want to really shine.

Final Thoughts: Primera is focused on picture quality and as a result the speeds maybe slower than competitors. The price is a bit higher for an entry level product but after your first print it will make sense as to why.

 Great for packaging with style!

Maximum Print Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi

Maximum Print length of 24 inches and width of 4.25 inches

Printing speeds of up to 2.5 inches per second

Can be a bit pricey, but that is the cost of quality

Not the quickest printer on the market

“I have seen many printers over the years and I am so impressed with the quality of the printing. Would happily purchase again in the future.”

- Amazon customer review

Best Shipping Label Printer

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Label Printer

‘The speed demon’

This Dymo printer has a need for speed. The only question you need to ask yourself is do you have enough labels?

Not only is this a master of speed, the 450 Turbo label designs are left to the imagination. This printer works flawlessly with the provided software during our testing and had a joy creating such an plethora of labels from bar-codes to labeling some pantry stock.

Once you have finally chosen your favorite font and colors, your colorful creations can then be shared easily with the ability to print straight from mainstream market platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. 

Final Thoughts: The DYMO Labelwriter 450 Turbo is a proficient fast-action model. Including great supporting software that can make the printing process easy and satisfying.

Great for Home and office!

Printing speeds of 71 labels per minute

Best for printing IDs, badges, barcodes, shipping labels and postage

Compatible with Ebay, Amazon, UPS and more

Changing labels can be rolls can be troublesome if you change from one label type to another

Have to purchase propitiatory labels

“We’re happy that we found a solution to all of this for under $100. I would highly recommend this for any small company that’s not ready to make the leap to the expensive visitor tracking programs.”

- Amazon customer review

Best Thermal Label Printer


‘The versatile

Rollos thermal printer is a high quality printer with fast printing speeds coupled with the ability to utilize just about any labels on the market (as long as they adhere to the label size limits. When your thermal printer is not restricted to purchase proprietary labels this is a great choice for small businesses in terms of money potentially saved.

Final Thoughts: Fast speeds and the opportunity to pick your own labels to use is exceptionally engaging for those hoping to save some cash for other areas of business.


Great for shipping!

Super fast printing! up to 150 mm/s

Free to use any brand of labels

Compatible with Ebay, Amazon, UPS and more

Need to buy spool holder, it’s game changing

May need to slow down printing speed for better clarity printing

“As a small business owner, this thing pays for itself in both time and money. I originally bought this for shipping labels, but within a few minutes I started printing logo stickers to slap on the packages as well. Cause WHY NOT when you don’t need to buy ink that’s worth it’s weight in gold.”

- Amazon customer review

Best Industrial Label Printer

Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer

‘The Reliable’

The BMP21-PLUS is fantastic piece of hardware for anyone working in industry environments. Stocking a back-lit display; Now you can continue working even in the most hidden cabinets. Rubber bumpers are a saviour; Boasting for easier handling and protection, it also including a wide range of industry specific units and measurements for any job you may run into.

Final Thoughts: As expected from an industrial grade label printer, the labels are clear and most importantly will hold up longer in harsher conditions. A reliable companion to take into the field.


Great for trade workers!

Backlit LCD display

In-built label cutter and grab system

Auto-cutting does not waste your labels compared to other label printers on the market

Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery and AC-adapter are optional purchases

ABC-style keyboard layout which, for most, is not preferable

“This is the label printer you need if you ever intend to wire labels or patch panels. Don’t be fooled by the lower cost of some competitors and lower label costs. You get what you pay for and this label printer is a great value on Amazon. Other budget printers will waste a LOT of label so the lower cost will eventually exceed just buying this bad boy in the first place. Most of the other labelers that claim to do wire, actually only do “tags” which is a mess and not what any electrician would find acceptable.”

- Amazon customer review

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